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'Thank You Very Much'是一家,对于电视,网络,智能手机,平板电脑 等各种媒体,
采用最优化的contents,同时制作出contents producing的专业型企业。

'Thank You Very Much' is a content production company that specializes in producing optimized content according to the mass media, such as TV, the Internet, smartphone, and tablet computers.

Our team

contents,network ,终端机与服务境界颓废下, 统合出适合 digital convergence 的时代,
2012年 executive producer, 电影策划制片,convergence producer,三人开始联合成立了
'Thank You Very Much'.

In tune with the digital convergence era where the service boundaries between network and devices are crumbling down for integration, Thank You Very Much was established in 2012 by three talented people - an advertisement executive producer, a film planning producer, and a convergence produce.


'Thank You Very Much' 关键词是 “Brand”,“ Contents”,“ Global”

The keywords of Thank You Very Much are "Brand", "Content", and "Global". People who understand and enjoy brands create the best content, with the global partners from China and Australia. The content is sometimes utilized as TV advertisement, online dramas, or interactive movies.

(Commercial Project)

TV Commercials, Web Commercials, Teaser Videos

(Entertainment Project)

Movie, Drama, Star Contents

(Social Media Project)

Wep Drama, Interactive Movie

(Corporate Project)

Motion Graphic, 3D Works, Corporate Videos, Explainer Videos

制作 / 后期制作服务
(Production/Post Production Service)

Location, Pre-production, Production, Post-production

(Agent Service for Chinese Client)

Artists Agency, Directors Agency, Writers Agency


'Thank You Very Much' 通过国内外有才能的导演合作经营下,
“convergence producer”为中心提供灵活人性化的制片服务。

'Thank You Very Much' intelligently creates multi-content through a partnership with talented directors from around the world according to capital, mass media, and market in order to provide flexible and resilient production services focused on convergence production.

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Thank you
We believe these words enable us to challenge the world.


'Thank You Very Much' 在此期间制作出的代表作品。

These are projects performed by 'Thank You Very Much'.

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